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PvP Cracked Versie 1.6.4


Long ago, in version 1.2.5 , all lived peacefully, there were many people and they are all as one worked in the mines and built houses . But once the meteorite fell ,
and he brought to the world in a completely new technology , no one knew where they came to us . Some said : - This alien technology , someone
- Message Notch . But when the first player approached the meteorite was something unknown ... But here in front of you version 1.6.4 . and people began to get out of their bunkers , starving , exhausted roving around the mines . They say that a meteorite scattered around the world many new ores and many new ...
Some craftsmen began to use what brought the meteorite , and make outlandish things , and they say that they will help progress. there are players
which are still sitting in bunkers in the diamond armor and a diamond sword , but the world of new technologies did not wait on the horizon appeared
new fighters in a completely new , so-called "nano " and " quantum " costumes . Some confuse them with the edge of the wanderers , saying that the meteorite is to blame.

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