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Laatste stem Hitrocol
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Survival PvP Vanilla Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.18.2



CueballCraft is a Survival SMP with Land Claims.
- Uncensored Chat
- Game modes are Survival 1.18.2 with Land Claims via GriefPrevention.
- Shop allows players to get in-game currency (called Grist), and to obtain other materials that would be hard work to get otherwise, such as mob spawners.

We fully support Freedom of Speech and education of the masses.
We have no chat rules, except we do not tolerate Pedophilia, Advertising or Spam-bots. We never censor your language, political opinions or beliefs. When we can chat and talk freely, more information is available to the people of this world.

Information is reality. Censorship is tyranny.


1. No griefing or raiding. Dont build on other peoples builds without permission. Don’t break or steal other people’s items or blocks regardless of whether it is claimed or not.
2. No cheating or hacking.
3. No building near spawn.
4. No PvP trapping.
5. Do not spawnkill.
6. No Chat Spam. You may curse but keep it civil and dont spam.
7. No advertising.
8. Dont impersonate any staff member.
9. Do not attempt to login with another player’s account.
10. Do not use disallowed mobs in mob spawners.
11. No Defamation or Character Assassination. The discussions in SkaiaCraft are largely unmoderated. We are strong supporters of free-speech, and you can say whatever you want. However, if someone asks you to stop talking to or mentioning them, do so. Nobody should feel uncomfortable here. We have forums where you can voice your concerns about individuals. If you have a problem with a player or staff member, please reach out to someone with a higher up rank.
12. No Calls For Violence/NSFL. Anyone suggesting or promoting violence will be immediately banned and IP banned.
13. No Pedophilia. Dont use explicit language or be distasteful. Any pedos will be immediately banned and IP banned.

We are CRACKED and always will be. Created uniquely for the Homestuck fandom. An awesome place to build, socialize and be really cool.

We are simply the best server there is. Tee hee.

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