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Welcome To MedievalFunCraft.

Why we started

We are a small group of mature people that decided to create a professional minecraft network for our siblings and/or family however now its oppened to the public.

Why us

What are we different in than other servers or why should you choose us There are few simple points to that.

-We are a family friendly server which means we care about the enviroment and dont accept any swearing or other kind of harasment.

-We have custom gamemodes so you will never get bored.

-We took our time on creating the server and make it look perfect

-We have custom minigames.

-We have awesome buildings.

The list continues but these were the main reasons why us.


Our staff is all selected from mature players that do not grief,swear and/or troll. This means a great enviroment for anyone but hackers which is good.


-UHC Survival --- No regeneration of health

-Creative --- Build without any limitations of resources.

-Factions survival --- Fight against other clans/groups of people.

-Minigames --- Great to pass time.

-Skyblock --- Survive on a lonely sky island alone or with friends.

-Maze --- Need a quick start or simply bored well our maze gives both at the end of the maze you will get awesome rewards and never will be bored.

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