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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.7.4


About us:

We are an Amplified Factions Server. Because we are only factions we can fully focus on that, this way we give you the best time of your life. Our special Amplified terrain is not used a lot. Servers that do use it are often not active or left out. We are a very active and stable Amplified server. Its normal factions but with more epic terrain for new tactics and amazing structures.

Our most important factor is Community. We do our best to keep a strong community by making people give us suggestions and tips. This way we keep updating and never get bored. We really take all of your tips in consideration and leave nobody out. We are a very friendly staff, and aim to be as social as possible to our players.

No Lag:
Our server is totally lag free. We have a very good host which makes the gameplay even better

Our server brings a lot of fun and extra challenges using our plugins. Shops are fairly expensive making the server a challenge and not have you have 64 diamond blocks. If you kill a player you get their player head as block. You can put these on your head or place them as a block. Imagine having a room of all the player heads from the players you killed in your epic battles. This is just a little bit of the things that are available in our server. So give us a try I promise you that you wont be disappointed.

Our Team:
The staff is a list of gathered players I met in my years of playing minecraft. They all have other skills in minecraft. All of them are social and want to help you out as much as they can. They can build like no other and are mature.

Our Ip:
Contact Owner: [email protected]

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