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Welcome To OffStateCraft.

What Is OffStateCraft?

OffStateCraft is a 24/7 minecraft survival server.
Where almost every thing is allouwed
example: griefing & stealing

Server Rules

1.) Griefing is ALLOUWED
2.) No advertising about other server.
3.) Dont use any cheats or hacks.
4.) No spamming.
5.) Dont Harassament.
6.) Dont ask for ranks that are only unlockable by buying it.
7.) Dont build 1x1 towers.
8.) Dont build 2x2 houses.
9.) Respect all the player/donors/staff
10.) For people that have a VIP rank or above dont fly kill.
11.) Dont cry about griefers.

Server Ranks

In Game Promotion:

When Server Join : Guest

After 30 Mins : Member

After 5 Hours : AdultMember

After 5 Days : SeniorMember

Real Money:

VIP : $5

VIP+ : $10

Server IP:

Een website met gemaakt voor online servers zoals Minecraft!
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