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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7.5



This server is about Survival , its Semi-Vanilla that means that we try to keep as less plugins as possible to keep the vanilla Survival, we do have pvp and arenas.
For the moment we have enough staff but you can apply as staff , donators have higher chances of getting the staff rank because they put trust in the server by keeping it alive.
We hope you guys have nice ideas to build you houses.

Ofcourse we use plugins to protect our lands the plugin this server uses is GriefPrevention.
And we have a cool pet plugin for donators.

Voting helps the server alot and you will get rewards for it 2 diamonds, 32 xp bottles and 1000 in-game money on each vote.
If there are any bugs/glitches report it to the staff-members.

See you on the server )

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