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Survival Legaal Versie 1.2.5


About us
Me and my friend were bored and started to play on a skyblock server, it was huge fun and a great experience but it was a laggy server and it was not that enjoyable by it so we decided to create out own Skyblock server with no lagg and alot of players

Server IP
NOTE: this ip changes every 12 days so keep this thread bookmarked

/skyblock help (gives you all the skyblock command)
/spawn (teleport you back to spawn/tower)/
/Tell (message someone)

Staff List

- LightFlamingo
- NiceMikkel



Donator Features

5$ Donator
Acces to Donator room
Island Protection
Donator Parkour
More Commands

5$ Godsword
Max Enchanted Diamond Sword

5$ GodBow
Max Enchanted Bow

20$ GodArmour
Max Enchanted Diamond Armour Set

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