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Survival PvP Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.7.2


Welcome to MinestoryPVP.

MineStory is a PvP based server with Factions, McMMO, Votifier, Lottery and even more.
In Minestory there are lots of things to do. From mining some stone to raiding bases.

What is McMMO?
McMMO is a RPG plugin which allows you to level up skills. As for example, if youre going to mine you gain levels. This will help you gather recourses even faster. We have a lot of skills active in the McMMO so there is enough to do. Youll never get bored because the max level capacity is 1000. You can even make groups so that you can share the EXP you get with friends. We also got "EXP Weekend", that means youll receive 50% more EXP between Friday and Sunday. More reason to play.

In our server you can establish a faction and recruit members. With this faction of yours you can make allies or enemys. If you make allies, your warfare against the enemy will be even easier. Factions knows no bounds. you can build whatever you want whenever you want. Buy land for your faction and start building.

We have votifier so we can reward you whenever you vote for us. The voter is being rewarded with 250EXP, 3 Diamonds, 100$ and a lottery ticket. With the lottery ticket you can win even more money.

Ofcourse we need help to keep the server up and running. We need your donations to improve the server and set even more slots so more players can join. The more players we have, the more fun we can all have. Ofcourse you will be rewarded for donating. We have multiple ranks and other items you can buy in the MineStoryPVP Webstore. With the ranks you can claim a kit. All kits have their own cooldown time. As an example, you can claim the Coal Kit every 6 hours. Thats 4 times a day.
We even have McMMO levels that you can buy to make the leveling even easier.

We are really looking forward for you to join our server.
We hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards,

The MineStoryPvP Staff team.

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