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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.7.5


ey, and welcome to the page about our faction server.

We have just set up our new Faction server which supports multiple plugins so if you ever wanted to grow big and gain power with some friends in Minecraft then be sure to grow big on our server. Members who stay on our server for a long, long time and who are reliable will even be able to take part in our Moderator team.
But please, do not come to our server with a join message such as:

Now about our plugins, we run a lot of plugins such as: AntiCombatLog, iConomy, BorderGuard, Chestshop, Nocheat, Mcmmo, Faction and way way more.


Our server will gain you a thousand of playtime hours and hopefully you will still say, I want to go back to that server from Mcforgotten FactionPVP.
We already have over 1000 users and we have had no negative reactions at all.
We made our spawn a nature look-a-like spawn.
In our server you will get worth for your donated dollars since we would like to introduce you to our new Donation Perks, which you can see at the spawn.

Our server currently runs version 1.7.5 and we will always stay up to date.

Connect to our server by using this IP-Adress and start showing off your pvp and faction skills:

See you there.

Ps we got more worlds. creative survival.

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