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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.2.5


Egypcraft is a RPG server with pvp and freebuild.
You start as a slave but can slowly rank up to the egypt God Isis. The goal of the server is to reach the rank Isis and build a city where other people can rent areas to build houses in. We got some mini-games to for when you are bored: PVP arena and bombercraft.


Slave - This is the rank where you start with. Your goal is to work in the sandstonemine or forest and sell the sandstone or logs at the market. When you reach the 3500 coins you can rank up.

Peasant - Second rank in the game. Peasants are able to protect there areas outside the city so they can build houses and other things. Peasants need 7000 coins to rank up.

Worker - 3th rank in the game. Workers are able to acces minecity. In minecity you can mine normal stone and ores and sell them for a higher price. This is the only place in the game were you can buy something of diamond: A diamond pickaxe. Workers need 20000 coins to rank up.

Wanderer - 4th rank in the game. Wanderers can work at the bank for a decent loan. They can apply for guard to. Wanderers need 40000 to rank up.

Warrior - 5th rank in the game. Warriors can join factions but can t be the leader of one.
Warriors are allowed to walk with swords in the city, but armor is still forbidden. Warriors get more loan for being a guard or banker.
Warriors need 100000 coins to rank up.

Lieutenant - 6th rank in the game. Lieutenants can create factions and are allowed to wear armor and a sword.
Lieutenants need 250000 coins to rank up.

Pharaoh - 7th rank in the game. Pharoahs get big areas to build in.They can build what ever they want there and they can ask admins to make sub regions for them so they can rent them out to other players. They are able to make a warp to there to.
Pharaohs need 500000 coins to rank up.

Isis - The last rank of the game. Isis is a respected rank in the game and they can get regions inside the city to build whatever they want. They can expand there area to. Somebody with the rank of Isis cant rank up.

1. No griefing.
2. No swords or amor in public area.
3. Dont spam admins with request like: Can I be a OP?
4. Replant the saplings in the forest.

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