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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.6.2


: : Roleplay Gaming : :
: : 1.6.2: :

Server Owner: Elfen_Lord

Server IP:

Server Website: Link

Server Specifications: [Dedicated]

Processor: Intel XEON E3 3.8 GHz
Ram: 16 GB DDR3
Network: 1 GBPS Uplink
Plugins: 150+ including custom

1. Hacking/Greifing/Theft and Rude behaviour will result with a ban.
2. Main chat is English only.
3. You are not allowed to promote your server here in anyway.
4. No asking for blocks spawned in for you.
6. No super high 1x1 towers.
7. Everything should be built based on gravity.
8. Use the public mine in the RPG but respect it.
9. No tree farms on roofs.
10. When you cut a tree take it all down.
11. No cutting custom made trees.
12. PVP is allowed but use it moderately
13. ArkEmpires is a medieval/fantasy server. Keep the theme in your builds.
14. No block houses and no pixel arts. Report if you find any.
15. Elfen_Lords word is the law.
16. Use common sense.


The RPG world is the main world in ArkEmpires. All our RPG elements are located in this world. This includes our custom plugins. The main system in this world is the levelling. You have to earn everything in this world. For example you need level 5 mining to use a stone pickaxe, level 25 mining to mine diamonds. It is also linked to the economy. For example you need level 30 woodcutting to cut Jungle wood. This means players have to earn level 30 and then can sell jungle wood for a high price on our Web Auction or other places. This world also runs Towny. This world is supposed to be grief-proof and griefs can be reverted easily. Magic spells can also be used mainly in this world. But also found from other locations or worlds.


The Games world has a few mini-games such as Skyblock, Skywars, Dungeoneering, Parkour and Spleef. Skyblock is basically the mini-games skyblock where you start off an island and have to expand. Skywars is skyblock but youre placed in a formation and are to knock each other off each others islands and expand and fight the other players. Dungeoneering is connected to the RPG world meaning your items will be the RPG items. The dungeons reset every hour and you are to explore dungeons and find loot and level up. This is a great way of making money. Parkour is a mini-game where you have to jump from block to block to get to the end where you gain daily money and a magic spell. Spleef is a game where the last one to survive on a large arena with snow wins.


This world allows players to use creative mode to create their buildings on a plot. There are competitions held constantly with big rewards such as coins. The creative world is also manditory for to gain access to the Mason.


The Mason world is a unique world in ArkEmpires. An application must be written to access it. Users also get a special rank for it. In this world players may use /i, World Edit and VoxelSniper. In this world realm projects are created and uploaded to PlanetMinecraft. The chances of being accepted into this world is low but a live version of the world can be viewed online.

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