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Survival Creative PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Legaal Versie 1.8


Hello, were an old community with a new server. This time we have MobArenas, Wars and Spleef

We would really like some donation to this PayPal account: [email protected], the only thing you get by donating is a more awesome server.

1. Dont use any kind of hacks, e.g. Flymod, x-ray.
2. Dont spam in chat, and try not to use caps-lock.
3. Try not to swear or curse.
4. Respect all players.
5. Dont grief.
6. Use common sense.
7. Dont ask for items, ranks, gamemode etc.
8. Dont lie or bribe to save yourself from punishment.
9. Respect the rules.
10. Only trust the website:
11. Stealing is only allowed through PvP.
12. No 1 person clans, they are disbanded after 3 days.
13. Dont ask for accounts, sell your account or scam.
14. Dont throw potions at spawn, seek-kill or spawn kill.
15. Only speak danish and english.
16. Report every rule violation immediately.
17. Dont abuse granted gifts and stuff e.g. gamemode.
18. Dont try to cover up rule violators.
19. Dont place random blocks everywhere.
20. Always play legally unless you get permission.

Please leave a comment, and stay tuned, there are huge features upcoming.

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