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Survival Creative PvP Cracked Versie 1.4.7


-understandable english only. (in public chat)
-Do not insult anyone
-No Racism
-Do not spam the chat
-Do not beg for blocks/items/money/city membership
-Do not fool other players
-Advertising other servers is not allowed

-Cities* can have additional rules
-The breach of a Cityrule is equivalent ot the breach of the serverrules
-Youre not allowed to found a city in the End.

-No mods allowed with exception of graphicsmods (Texturepacks, Optifine)
-Whenever there is a bug due to the server or a plugin, do not abuse it and report it to an Admin.
-AFK-machines are not allowed. (anything that prevents you from beeing AFK-kicked.)

Within Townycities:
-Do not grief anything. Even harvesting + replanting is considered griefing.
-Do not kill any Animals, Villagers or Iron Golems
In the Wilderness:
-It is not allowed to grief any thoroughfares on the surface.
(Streets, railways, buoys, bridges and decoration within 3 blocks distance.)
-Anything else can be griefed.

Other Rules:
-Automatic farms/machines/mobgrinder will be removed without comment if they cause too much lag.
-Automatic redstone machines must have the option to get switched off.

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