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Creative Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.6.2


Opus Creative, a creative server.

Our Website:
Our pvp server:
Our Host:

Feel welcome, claim your first rank up, and your 128x128block sized plot by simply clicking the button in our spawn. We run a no-lag, all fun server, with no white list so all are welcome.

We offer various of minigames, spleef, mob arena, pvp arena, mazes, parkours, currently looking into Cops & Robbers and an Mc Infected Zombie game, CTF and much more to come.
Worldedit and Voxel, can gained by voting.

Voting for our server on multiple sites is the perfect way to get sustainable funds.
By clicking vote on PMC, Minestatus, and MCServerlist, you can collects points, points can be exchanged for Dollars in our Web shop, and much more options soon to come unlock games, save them up.

Our website is at and it offers options for multiple kinds of donations to the server. You can buy ranks, donor plots, items - all at very good value. To access this shop directly go to the Maevi Online Shop. Check the news, talk on the forum or leave a shout.

1 ) No use of hacked clients. The use of any mods will result in an immediate ban.

2 ) Any exploitation of a bug will result in an immediate ban.

3) No racism or other forms of hate speech. This includes structures depicting racist glyphs or skins associated with hate speech. Players receive one warning, then banned.

4) No chat spamming or advertising. This results in a mute or immediate ban.

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