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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.2.5


Yes! mcVictims is Back!
A brand new server, fresh new map and loads of cool plugins!

We are Arwin01 (19) and YaEyezOnMe (25) and we just finished creating our new server: mcVictims. An RPG server with plugins as mcMMO, Factions, iConomy, Jobs, Jail, Citizens and many more. Come join our server! join a faction and have fun with your friends, fight your enemies, get a job and make some money, improve your skills and try and be the king of the hill in our Warzone!
If you dont want to RolePlay, and just build, you can join a peacefull faction. That way you don\\\'t have to be affraid that people are stealing your stuff, or destroying your build.

- mcMMO
- Factions
- BottledExp
- Jobs
- Jail
- Citizens
- iConomy
- ChestShop
- Buttonwarp
- Falsebook
- Essentials

- LogBlock
- WorldGuard
- mcBans
- Freeze

Griefing is allowed where possible, but keep it to a minimum
Stealing is allowed
Keep the chat pg13
Asking for rank is kick/jail

We will expand our 24 slot server as our group of regular players grows.

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