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The River Styx is a new minecraft city server that is focusing on a good economical system where you can make your way up from a poor beggar into a wealthy gent. As you start working in this world you unlock new paths to become richer. You start in a humble hotel room but your humbleness will thrive you into personal fortune. When you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve earned enough money, you can buy lots in the gracious city where you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ll be able to make gigantic skyscrapers and cosy cottages.

But nothing is as easy as it seems: getting your ores and woods can be very dangerous. As soon as you leave the safety of the city, anyone could be luring you right into a trap leading to an immediate death.
The city also contains various places to discover, From huge pirateships to unique libraries etc. The city will expand even further as in it is still in it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s first phase.

To be short, lots of fun is to be found here, come and join us right at this moment.
No whitelisting required!

- Residences in a big spawn city!
- Per player/per clan kill/death rate ranking!
- Clan capes! (needs Spoutcraft installed)
- Easy command access by pressing G!
- Global shop! (+Spout GUI)
- Awesome battle arena to fight in teams or team death mode!

Event for first 20 players who:
* Vote this server up
* Get 10 iron ingots for free!

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