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PvP Legaal Versie 1.5.2


Dear Minecrafters,

We all have been waiting for this moment, the birth of a new server. This time itís called Exodia PVP, a Hardcore PVP server that offers lots of fun. It is mainly based on raiding, griefing, stealing and PVPíing.

If you like heavy, hardcore PVP. This server is perfect for you.

Server IP/Port :

Dynamic Map:

Forum / Website:

Map size: 4000 to -4000


This server has the following plugins.
- iConomy Sell and buy items at our spawnshop.
- MCMMO Train your MMO skills, like swords, archery, mining and more. ( Combat skills are capped at level 500 )
- DynMap A Dynamic map where you can see the where everyone is.
- Factions Create your own faction.
- ObsidianDestroyer Obsidian can be blown up by 4 shots of TNT.
- No Wither We have no withers in our server.
- No Enderchest The use of an enderchest is blocked.


See you later, on ExodiaPVP.

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