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Survival Vanilla Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.18.2


Greetings lords and ladies to the kingdom of Escapia.

Today is the day, that after a destructive volcano blew our city into pieces, we are finally ready to open our 1.17 kingdom to
you. Our faithful lords and ladies.

Please feel free to conquer your little kingdom, till your lands, cut your trees and mine your minerals as you will need them
to conquer the world. Our wonderful lands are filled with plenty of riches to all of you, either to use or trade between
kingdoms. Or fight the mightiest of them all, the king of dragons.
As for the dragonslayer, the spawn area will provide him with fame until eternity and be remembered as the provider for
save passage to the end of things.

For those that seek riches, either by gathering and mining or by trading, proof yourself by showing your wealth and be the
richest of them all. You might as well find yourself trading them at spawn.
As for all of you ladies and lords, not interested in riches or fame, perhaps a city or castle might be yours. Do you want to
become a baron of a town, or perhaps a city? Either together true strength or fear but in any way by respect, friendship, and
social gain.

Discover it all on EscapezCraft survival and the lands of Escapia. Perhaps surviving isn’t your thing and you want to discover
your building skills by ease? Check out our Creative server where you can build your wildest ideas in our plots. You want more
than just a plot, check out the regular overworld where you can build your own ideas in a normal world with mountains,
jungles, and seas to conquer.

Interested? Check our discord ( or better, check our servers on

We hope to see you soon and perhaps you gain fame among our people.

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