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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Versie 1.5.1

Description We truly welcome you to our server page. Our server is full of nice players and players that respect each other. The players that dont are gone fast. This server isnt another McMMo Towny or Factions Ripoff. We have truly put time into are server and the happiness of our customers. Are economy is a nice balanced economy. There arnt and shop glitches that players get tons of money, so you wont have to worry about cheaters. Are staff have been selected from the trust that they show. This server Is Towny. You can start a town for a decent amount of money. Or you can join a town for free and get a plot depending on the price of the Mayor. Are most important plugins are Towny, McMMo, Iconemy, ChestShop, Bid, Multiverse and tons more of cool features. Log onto the server and read the rules. Then proceed through the portal to start building.

Towny is a very player oriented plugin. It provides newfound confort of playing minecraft. It is a moderately leveld plugin. And is much differnt than factions. it is more conserved and comunity ridden. A player can save up to 2500$ To start his/her own town. After that s/he can invite people to there town using /t add (nameofplayer) where they will direct them to a plot that they have premade for them in their safe and protected town. Towns will have one mayor Ex (Of a player with a town) [YeahTown] Mayor Skateforbran. Their town the player is located in will be before their name along with their rank. Then another trusted towns member should be appointed if the mayor is not pressent by using /t rank add (Assistant) (NameOfPlayer). Once setup in a town you can gather up money to branch off and make your own or live elsewhere in the wild. It is all up to you it is a pretty free plugin.

Mcmmo We are now using a plugin called Mcmmo that brings full MMO/RPG features to minecraft. There are currently 10 skills that can be leveled to grant new abilities and items.
Here are the basic commands you will need to get started.
/mcmmo will give you a basic description of the plugin and how to use it.
/stats will display your current stats for each skill.
/skil will display detailed information about a specific skill.
Skills: are levelled by gaining Experience Points (EXP) for that specific class. For example using a Pickaxe to dig for ores will level your mining skills while harvesting crops will level Herbalism. Levelling each individual skill will grant new abilities like double item drops, more strength, tool repair and many more.
Abilities: are latent powers that can be activated for a short time by right-clicking. Each ability grants great physical strength to the user as well as a skill-specific bonus, but in return they cause massive durability loss to the items they are associated with. There is also a lengthy cooldown period that follows each use, so it is advised that these abilities are used sparingly.However, the duration of an ability can be lengthened by increasing the level of its designated skill.
PlayerHeads Ever PVP someone and get no good loot? Feel like you deserve a trophy for your victory? Then PlayerHeads is right for you. You can now lop off enemies heads in battle, and mount it on a pole for all to fear. Or wear your opponents face as a mask, like camouflage. There arnt any commands to preform this action. But there is only a 25% chance you will recive a players head. You might have to kill the man acouple of times to recive your trophy.
Hunger Games play against other yeahcarft players. There are 3 differnt maps to choose from. Just do /sg join to go to lobby or /warp sg. Then click the signs and wait for players. You will be givin a ranks called tribute. Then do /sg vote to egt the game started. Once many people have joined.

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