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Mini Games Legaal Versie 1.15.2


Based on the GMOD gamemode Trouble in Terrorist Town
Welcome to TTT. There are 3 roles:

Survive and kill traitors. Only kill people if you know theyre100% a Traitor. (Shooting other people, holding a knife)

Kill all the innocents and the detectives without getting
caught. Dont kill your teammates... (duh) Be careful because your DNA can be found on the people you kill. Traitors have access to the shop.

Detectives try to kill traitors. They can use their DNA scanners to scan bodies. Scanning the body will make the killer glow. They also get access to the shop.

General Game Rules
The traitors lose when the timer runs out. The
traitors win when all the innocents and detectives are dead.
You can right-click bodies to see if they were innocent, a traitor or a detective.

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