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Survival Legaal Versie 1.15.2


😺 CatCraft 😺 [1.15.2] [Semi-Vanilla] [Community-Survival]

Server ip:

CatCraft is a fun survival server that I started with the aim of
creating a fun and enjoyable community for players to enjoy the survival
mode of Minecraft.

This server can be considered a hidden gem to most, as its one of the only servers
that directs ALL, yes 100%. of donations made from players towards the running costs,
advertising, performance boosts and/or player experience towards the server..

If you have been looking for a pure semi-vanilla survival minecraft server with friendly
staff members and a funny active community, this is the one.

We have all sorts of fun tweaks added to enhance minecraft survival while keeping the core-aspect
of vanilla intact.

The Market (accessible through /market or /trade)

Is a fun player-shop community market, where ANY player can pay in diamonds to buy their own cozy stall or advertise
for some help on large projects at the billboard.
Each store can be customized to your liking and style too.
We use a special trading system allowing players to easily trade diamonds for items with other players using chests.
Its a super simple and fun market with a lively ambiance similar to Aladdin 🧞

The Biome Selector and Wilderness (accessible at /spawn or /biome)

Are you a curious adventurer that enjoys exploring new and striking biomes?.?
At the biome-selector, everyone can choose instant teleportation to their favorite biomes.
Consider checking out the frosty ice spikes biome. ❄️

We also have a magical command (/wild) that can teleport you miles away from spawn instantly.

Come join us now at

Our discord server link is

We look forwards to seeing you... meow 😺

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