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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8.8-1.15


🌱The Grow MC🌱
*1.8-1.15.2 Factions PVP*

We are the most well-developed 1.8.8 to 1.15.2 Factions PVP server.
With over 5 years of server owning experience, we have managed to create the perfect fit for any Factions player.
The Grow MC was founded on 01-02-2020 (D/M/Y) and has gone live on 07-02-2020. Within this timeframe we have reached over 1150 unique players in our server and have just launched Season 1 with tons of new features.

MCMMO, MythicMobs, Duels, Trading, FactionsFly, Obbybreaker, Genbuckets, CustomEnchants, CrazyEnvoys, Outpost, Easyplant, Coinflip, Lottery, EliteArmor and much much more.

Fight Bosses
Not wanting to do the regular grind? Fight a boss. Insane new bosses are released every 2 weeks
They have a custom built dungeon for hours of fun. Cant beat the Forgotten Golem? Give the Ancient Witch a try.
Or if youre really ballsy, try the Skeleton King. He drops some awesome gear.

Level up skills
McMMO gives players the ability to level up their skills and give them custom abilities like
Super breaker Break blocks faster
Serrated Strike Deal extra Damage
Skull splitter Deal extra Axe Damage
And much more.

Player base:
We have an active player base with almost 100 members in our Discord. The community has bonded and is very active. We peaked at 40 players online at the same time for an hour. Our community is actively helping in improving the server as our server is community feedback driven. We implemented 90% of all ideas that have been given to us and our players are always helping us improving.
Our vision is to provide a fun and fair place for our players and are constantly improving on this.

How to join
You are welcome to join our Discord and join us in game via ****

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