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Survival Creative Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.16.2


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Our mission is simple, we are interested in creating a place where players can have their voices heard. Where you can see your suggestions shape a server. While we can’t promise that we will have an expansive list of amazing plugins, what I can assure you is that every plugin added has been done with care.

What we offer

We believe the worlds we offer is one of the most important thing of a server, so in addition to the standard “Main, end, and nether” worlds, we also allow access to both a resource world and a creative world that any player can join at any time with the appropriate in-game rank. Currently, both the main and resource world are limited in size by 30k by 30k with plans to increase this soon. All other worlds do not have a limit.

While 30k by 30k may be a ton of area to explore, we also reset the resource world monthly along with the end and nether semi-monthly. This is to ensure players can have new areas to explore with possibilities to encounter all that Minecraft has to offer. As of right now, we have no current plans to reset the main or creative world.

What is a SMP server without its plugins? To name a few, we offer the use of Advanced Enchantments, Town, mcMMO, Dynmap, Wild, LWC, JobsReborn, Craftbook, Rankup, Votifier/VotingPlugin, CrazyCrates, QuickShops, Advanced Market Region, Auction House, Deluxe Menus, Chat Games, Coin Flipper, DashHat, DiscordSRV, Bottled Xp, Mineable Spanwers, Elevator, GSit, KwarkLite, Loot Chests, Luckperms, Minepacks, MysteryBags, Multiverse, PersonalValts, Repair Hammers, Ultimate Catcher and Stacker, Towny, Temp Fly, and TAB. I would be more than happy to answer any questions about the plugins we offer. We are also planning to add a pets and a cosmetics plugin but as of right now we haven’t found a really good one that we like.

Important things to consider

Neither Ghostifique (the second owner) or myself (NotTheodore) are experts at running or maintaining a server. What that simply means is that you may come across bugs as you play if you decide to check us out. I recommend you visit our discord to report those bugs so that we can fix them. Often, when a bug has been reported, it gets fixed within the next few hours. Currently, we are working on configuring mcMMO and JobsReborn to make it fit in line with the economy we would like to set up.


There is more information about each rule both on the Discord linked below and ingame with the command /rules. These rules are also subject to change at any moment, but we will be sure to let any and everyone know of the changes made in order to ensure transparency.

1. Don’t beg staff/players for money, items, or ranks. Trading is okay, begging is a no no.
2. Don’t harass staff/players.
3. Racism, sexism, homophobia and other things are not allowed.
4. Global chat should be kept to English when at all possible.
5. Don’t spam the chat.
6. Divisive topics like politics are not allowed in Global chat at all.
7. Staff say is final, please don’t try to argue.
8. Claiming too close to another town (distance requirements listed in game and on the Discord) is forbidden.
9. Using exploits, hacks, or mods to gain an unfair advantage is not allowed.
10. Machines that bypass systems or that greatly lag the server are also not allowed.
11. Attempting to scam others is not allowed
12. Griefing is allowed but only when it is outside of the previously mentioned town distance limit and only when it is an unclaimed chest or build.
13. Setting homes in restricted areas is not allowed.
14. Alternative accounts are not allowed.
15. TP killing or TP trapping is not allowed.

Discord – Click Here For Our Discord

If you have made it this far and are interested in giving Pandora Craft a try, we would recommend first joining our Discord server. It is the best way to get information regarding changes made to the server, upcoming events or parties, and the best place to report bugs or suggest changes.

Current Staff Members

Ghostifique – Co Owner
Not Theodore – Co Owner
SomeoneCalledJ – Moderator
Chloe – Chloe
Budly – Skript Kiddie (Trial Run)
MrJesseD – Helper (Trial Run)

Applying for Staff

If you are interested in becoming a staff member, there are a few requirements before your application will be looked at. First, you need to have joined the server for a month. Meaning if you join on the 5th of December you would not be able to apply until the 5th of January. Second, you also need to join our Discord server. Lastly, you need to be at least Andesite rank in game. There are a few other requirements that you can see in the application on the discord but those are the 3 most important ones. Please do not join the server and ask for an application. Please do join the server to become a part of a community and then after meeting the requirements as for an application and apply.


Q: Minecraft has updated to (Current Version) will the server be updating to this version soon?
A: Yes. The only thing that would restrict being able to update asap is plugin support. We cannot update until all the plugins we use have updated as well.

Q: Is this vanilla Minecraft? I’m looking for a vanilla Minecraft server.
A: No, sorry we are not a vanilla Minecraft server. We utilize several plugins that push us out of that category and into the [SMP] tag. Even with that, we don’t offer too many things that make it feel too far from vanilla. Our most game changing plugin is advanced enchantments.

Q: Do you guys have an active player base?
A: As of right now no, I believe this is because there are millions of Minecraft servers out there and we may just not stand out enough. Another reason may be because I don’t properly advertise our server as much as I should, though it may also be because we just aren’t good enough, though we are actively improving the quality of our server each and every day.

Q: I see you don’t allow mods, but are there any exceptions?
A: Yes. Please shoot me a message on discord giving me a link to the mod in question and I will look at it. If it doesn’t give you any unfair advantages, we will more than likely approve it for you and others to use. If we don’t approve it, please do not use the mod in question as it would fall under rule 9 and more than likely get you banned.

Q: Why is English required for Global Chat?
A: This is simply so that everyone can communicate with each other. While I do acknowledge that not everyone knows English, we are a server that primarily focuses on English because we are based in North America. These restrictions are not required when using Towny chat.

Q: I joined a while back and wasn’t impressed. Why should I give you another chance?
A: Being a new-ish server we are improving every day. This means changing plugins and tweaking existing plugins to make them better for our players. A feature or problem you had before with us has more than likely been changed or updated to be better. When all else fails, we recommend you suggest a feature or change in our Discord. We are more than happy to listen to suggestions that will make the server better for all.

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