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Laatste stem ProMrM0N0P0LY
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Survival Creative PvP Factions Vanilla Skyblock Prison Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.15.2


Welcome to this new small Minecraft server. This brand new Minecraft server offers you a full experience of Minecraft.

We offer you some different game modes:
- Survival: Basic survival with Golden Shovel Claim and a small shop. Nether and the End are working.
- Skyblock: Skyblock with PVP. Includes a ton of challenges and a shop.
- Factions: Basic factions, Head Hunters incoming.
- Creative: A simple Creative world where you can build with worldedit.. (works with golden shovel claim.)
- Op Prison: Basic Op-Prison, all the mines you see are built by ourselves. (still needs a bit of work but is open for players.)

Gamemodes that need to be finished:
- Parkour

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