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Survival Creative PvP Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.14.4


Are you looking for a new PvE challenge?
Take on our bosses or demi-bosses either solo or with friends, join clans which has benefits such as loot crates and being in a community.

Are you looking for a PVP server? Were special.
On our server we dont like KitPVP, we want there to be a risk in PVPing. Therefor players need to bring their own items, and will lose these items to the player killing them. You can make money by PVPing.

"Im just looking for a survival server..."
´╗┐Well, hop on then. We are built around the survival aspect of Minecraft, we do have some changes which is spawners can be mined with Silk Touch pickaxes and claims, but other then that you can play completely vanilla.

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