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Survival Creative Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.14.4


Enderdale is a brand new Survival Minecraft server that aims to bring you an MMORPG-like experience.

On our server, you can forge your own path. Whether you want to be an adventurer and conquer the world, a merchant with epic riches, a blacksmith in the local town, or something else entirely.
The choice is yours.

Our server features plenty of plugins to enhance your playing experience, but we were careful to ensure that what you are playing is ultimately still very much Minecraft.
Some of the most important plugins that we use are

- McMMO Gives you RPG like skills and abilities, a lvling system etc.
- ChestShop Allows you to buy and sell items through a shop system.
- DynMap Allows you to see the entire world map.

We also feature a whitelisting system, to ensure a safe environment.
Please check out our website and apply for whitelisting there.

Happy gaming. :)

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