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Survival Creative PvP Mini Games Vanilla Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.14.4


**Update** as of 7/24/2019
**We JUST ADDED a brand new 1.14.4 survival map**

Brand new 1.14+ server established on 5/13/2019. We have designed our server to provide players with a Semi-Vanilla survival experience. We primarily support a safe survival world where keep inventory is on and grief protection is running to protect you and your builds from other players. You can grow your claim the more you play and never have to worry about your claim expiring or your builds being deleted. You can even freely transport your items between servers so bring them with you to PVP players in the minigame servers pvp arena at your own risk.

If youre looking for a LAG FREE server with a friendly staff and community feel free to come check us out on

We have several servers to play on including
(Your inventories transfer to all servers with the exception of creative)
Minigames(PVP Arena, Mob Arena, Spleef, and more.)
Survival (Keep inventory off and expiring claims)
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