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Survival Creative PvP Mini Games Vanilla Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.14.2


**Brand New** as of 6/17/2019--- Spleef Arena.
Brand new server, less than 30 days old and growing fast. Were bringing back the old but fun semi-vanilla SMP experience that people seem to have forgotten. We are creating a functioning economy based on diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron as being the main forms of currency. We are working on adding player shops in right now.

We will soon support mulitple survival worlds linked together. One safe survival with grief protection and one with raiding allowed.

Some of the warps you can access from /spawn are:

1. A creative world with free plots.
2. Spleef Arena which is highly addicting
3. Mob Arena with kits to battle for loot for Survival World
4. PVP Arena with Keep Inventory Off

And a lot more soon to come.

Server IP:
To obtain the Discord Link you must do /discord in-game.


[1] No spamming, advertising, or links in chat.
[2] Griefing and raiding is NOT permitted and will be rolled back (includes unclaimed/abandoned builds).
[3] Hacked Clients, duping(of any kind), and x-ray are not permitted.
[4] No racism, hate speech, harrassment, or excessive swearing.
[5] Respect other players and staff.
[6] No scamming in trades. No gambling or casinos.
[7] PVP is permitted in unclaimed land. No TP killing.
[8] If a staff member asks you to end a conversation, end it.
[9] English only in main chat. Use /msg or /local to speak other languages.
[10] Do not claim within 100 blocks of someone else without permission.

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