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Sponge Pixelmon Versie 1.12


Grief protection
Tinkers Construct
Admin shops
Fancy loot crates.
Global Trade system: Sell your pokemon and items to others
pokeball Treasure Hunt
Player maintained gyms and npc gyms.
you can catch any of the pokemon from all 7 generations choose from any of the starters and catch all the legendaries
WonderTrade. Trade away your unwanted Pokemon
Ultra Space Dimension enabled.

Custom modpack including :
Tinkersconstruct. Custom tools.
Chisel. More building materials
Chisel and bits. Build smaller
Just enough items. Look up your recipes in game
Iron chests. Big chests
Iron Backpacks. Big backpacks

you can download our modpack from this ( link. click the download modpack button and follow the instructions.

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