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CreepyMinez is a server that just started with a variety of backgrounds: of all ages, genders, and nationalities- but with one agenda, to have a blast, make friendships and do what we do best, create a Minecraft community.

Since our creation, we have added multiple gamemodes to capture each player’s enthusiasm for Minecraft. These gamemodes are Faction-Survival, Creative and much more coming. We have a strong and growing community that always offers a hand, a smile and never shy of a witty remark. We have an experienced set of architects and staff who have great experience with handling large-scale game communities, and who have been doing so since before it was cool.

What CreepyMineZ offers:

Custom Plugins
An experienced staff team
Different gamemodes to meet your wants and needs

In the beginning we (the creators, developers, staff, testers and players) decided to make CreepyMinez a community. Our goal is to make this gameplay challenging, even when you are late into the game. Our custom mobs wreck and kill even our most experienced, veteran players and they enjoy it. The server is based around a player made economy and being part of the community. So we invite you to join our community, make friends, build awesome things and having a blast doing so.

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