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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.13.2


We are a Towny / Economy based server.

We started with the basics, but along the way we have added:
Jobs, Ranks, Crates, Titles, Custom Mobs, 25+ Custom Enchants, 150+ Custom Items.
With MANY more unique and custom features planned.

Some things in the works / planning:
Dungeons, Creative Plots, More Crates, More Custom Items, Quest, and MUCH more.

We are aiming to be a very community driven server.

We started small, but we are steading growing and working on a player to player based economy. We have jobs (with more to come) that include job based shops, and soon to be job based quest. We have a tier based custom item system, to match our upcoming tiered mob system for the dungeons. Feel free to join the server, or our discord, to find out more information.

And we hope to see you around. :D

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