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Survival PvP Mini Games Factions Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.12


Welcome to the KudosKraft Minecraft Server.

• Introduction:
In KudosKraft you can team up and join a faction. Factions has been modified to be more peaceful. Theres less focus on raiding, but its still very much possible. Our spawn can be seen as a hub. It has access to almost all important features on the server. Theres also a custom made PvP area around spawn and fun locales to explore. We also offer Duels. On our custom made maps you can battle your friends one-on-one with custom made kits. Dont forget your daily crates, and all the other crates.

Were a new server, but the minds behind it have more than over 5 years of Minecraft server experience.
Our server is also livestreamer friendly. Are you a livestreamer? get special perks for you and your viewers.

Come join us at

• Feature highlights:
KudosKraft has many features the most defining ones are:
• Factions with less focus on raiding.
• A new world filled with unique monuments, containing valuable treasures and traps.
• A friendly and adventurous spawn environment with plenty of opportunities to interact with the community.
• The surroundings of spawn are specifically for interesting and unique PvP experiences.
• Duels. Battle your friends in one-on-one combat on custom made maps and kits. You can also bet and earn money.
• Every 30 minutes theres an airdrop at spawn. Crates will drop with valuable items. Youll have to fight over them, so come prepared.
• Simple collaboration with effective live streamers.
• A live streamer will get a batch of loot crate keys to giveaway to followers per stream.
• Exciting daily rewards.

And theres so much more. This list will only be expanded upon in the upcoming months.(gewijzigd)

• Live stream partnership:
To become an official live stream partner and get the [Streamer] rank on the server, youll have to meet 2 or more of the following requirements:
• Have at least 10 concurrent viewers on average.
• Have brought at least 5 active players to the server.
• Be active and interactive with the community.

• How to apply for the partnership:
If you feel like you meet 2 or more requirements, write an application to @Camo4th or @Incentive. Explain why you feel like you meet the requirements and show proof. You will have to show us that you meet the requirements. We will only be able to judge what you send us. The more requirements you meet, the more likely it is your application gets accepted.

• What you get as a partner:
• At least 1 Event chest key solely to give away per day.
• Premium sneak-peeks to share with your followers.(gewijzigd)

Thank you for reading. Well see you on the server.

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