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PvP Factions Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.13.1


RivalryPvP is an oldschool community based faction server on minecraft version 1.13.1

You may be wondering what we mean by the terms oldschool and community

RivarlyPvP is our vision of how Oldschool factions should be done.This includes no endless supplies of tnt, no massive bases with endless walls and no custom enchantments. To give a more oldschool feel, we have limited the amount of claims you a faction can have to 50 with a maximum power of 100 per faction.

For us the community is very important, after all theyre the core of the server. To ensure that every player has their say about which direction in server updates we have a polling/voting system. The players will be able to vote about new features and plugins

Noteable server features:
mcmmo + [Custom] Mcmmo crates,
rankup Rankup with ingame money to unlock perks,
Lots of custom made events for players to compete in and recieve limited rewards

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