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Survival Creative Mini Games Vanilla Skyblock Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.19


Why MGC?

We offer a semi-vanilla survival experience with fun plugins supported by rock-solid server performance.
Originally from 2013 we have been around for a while now.
Our world has been with us since that first day back in 2013, parts of it have been snipped to allow new terrain to work.
Not to worry. Your buildings will always be preserved as there are no plans to do a world reset.

Both Dutch & English players are welcome.
We usually talk English but many of us are Belgian/Dutch & Swedish =)

Maximum fun for all who enjoy :

- Survival
- Creative
- Skyblock
- SkyGrid
- Towny PvP
- MobArena

Some fun gadgets for everyone to use :
- Anti-Grief (with regional rollback if needed)
- Old Combat
- Stairs-As-Chairs
- Shops & Economy
- Decorative Heads
- Social interactions & Marriages
- Basic commands | /TPA /RTP /home /warp & more
- World Map - Find it on our website.

Small changes are the keyword here, we maintain the core experience of the game.

No paid ranks.

Yup, you heard that right everything on MGC is use-able by everyone.
Gaining a "Trusted" rank is done by being active, kind & then well make sure to reward your effort.

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