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PvP Factions Skyblock Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.8 - 1.12


1.8 - 1.12| PvP | Skyblock | Factions | Events

IP: Play.ExodusMC.EU

Factions is somewhat similar to Survival. In factions, players are thrown out onto a generated world with a landscape similar to vanilla. However, in Factions you are allowed to kill other players and steal their loot. You can start your own Faction and recruit more members or friends. In Minecraft, Factions are any-sized groups of players who are on one team and work together to become the best. In each Faction, with the required mininum, you can protect land that becomes yours. But Factions is not just about Survival with PvP, it is warfare. Other Factions can easily find your Faction, and if they are reasonably stronger, they can blow you apart. You can grow Economically by using spawners to farm stuff and sell it in the stores or by dominating the PvP arenas and getting lots of loot. We also have special events like King of the Hill where the faction that holds the arena for 10 minutes straight gets a special item.


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