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Skyblock Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8+


Our Server started around 2013 with the goal to make others happy.
The worlds got reset an enormous amount of times, and we used that experience to increase our quality.

Until now, we used the Server to use our creativity to create what we wanted.
We create our own unique minigames, our own concepts, and cool events with our community.
This is not a commercial Server where we sell ranks or something, we use this as a sort Studio where
we try to make people happy with unique things.

We also do this on our own tempo, so dont expect a lot of updates very fast.
Bugs are also a factor, and we can fix these as fast as possible when theyre knowed by us.

A lot of content of ours is also found online on distribution sites such as Spigot.
We code a lot of our own plugins (on our tempo), and share them with the community.

Get online, get inspired, and have a lot of fun.

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