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Survival Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.13.1


You are on a journey to a new land, not knowing what youll find,
you pack the bare essentials (starting classes)
will you be a guard, farmer or miner?

Welcome to Nocturne Rpg server
we are re-launching and are looking for builders/helpers and of course testers/players.

Why should you try this server?

Races. which will you choose? (Catfolk, Dwarf, Treant, Orc, Drow or Aquakin)

Plenty of plugins that go with rpg theme including
pets, mcmmo, custom mobs, and werewolf/vampire,
movecraft (build airships), player and server shops, and
pvp only at night.

Friendly player base that help each other, joke around and generaly rpg,
and riendly staff that are happy to help and anwser any question.

Ranks that use in game money so everyone has an equal opportunity.

Join us today and see the full server experience.

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