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Survival Pixelmon Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.16.5


GreekPixelmon Survival with Pixelmon v9.1.11. Take on 8 Player Gyms, an Elite Four, and a Champion. This is a brand new Pixelmon Survival server, come and experience some awesome monthly Pixelmon Giveaway Events, as well as monthly Mystery Gift events on GreekPixelmon Survival.


- PlayerWarps
Make your own PlayerWarp.

- EV Training area
EV Train your Pokemon.

- Shops GUI
Instantly access shops with a simple command.

- Reports
Seeing a player break the rules? Report them with the Reports feature.

- PlayerShops (ChestShops)
Make your shops for other players who are looking to buy items on the server.

Enjoy Custom Biomes across the server.

- HeadDatabase
Enjoy custom heads on the server.

- Custom Kits
Claim custom-made kits. (We have a big one-time claimable starter kit for new players that join the server)

- GriefPrevention
Claim your own set of land that only you can build in.

- WonderTrade
If you have played Pokemon games that have Wonder Trading, you will know all about this feature. Do some awesome wondertrades now.

Come experience the GTS (Global Trading System) as well as its STS (Sell To Server) feature so you can make awesome sales off of Pokemon now.

- BetterTeams
Create teams, invite players into your teams, and manage your teams to greater heights.

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