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Survival Vanilla Sponge Pixelmon Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.12.2


Hello. Trainer., Pixelcoin is a server where its an open world. with a spark of pokemon roaming around. the owner of the server is only 1 person.. its also the person that goes over the website, plugins, mods and so on. staff is to maintain the balance in the server here. we are a beginning server and not as advanced as other servers. we do not have devs that 24/7 check plugins/mods if an error comes up to straight fix it. as I mentioned only 1 person goes over it so it is hard doing it all alone. staff is always welcome yet, of course, you will start from below to eventually top. the reason for only 1 owner is because it is hard to actually trust someone with the power of the whole server trust is only able to be earned by how you act and how you are and not what you do.

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