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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Versie 1.12.2


Hello and welcome to VoidNation.

This server is base around factions where you will make friends and create a team to dominate other factions, make your faction the most wealthiest faction on the server, make allys and go into battle with your enemies, mine, farm, raid and many more choices to make money.

✦ Info ✦

► Access chests in enemy territories
► 1.8 PVP mechanics
► TNT or CreeperEggs will break obsidian in 5 hits
► Great Community
► Donate for exclusive kits/perks

✦ Plugins ✦

Factions - Create a team of friends and go raid your enemies
Wild - Teleports you to a random spot on the map to start your adventure
VotingPlugin - Vote for the server and receive daily rewards
Auctions - Auction your items for in-game currency
Crates - Open crates and get exclusive rewards
Envoy - Envoy packages will drop down from the sky with loot inside
FactionsTop - View the top richest factions
McMMO - Level up your skills and use special abilities

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