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Survival Creative Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.9.x-1.19


SageMC is a gaming server with 1 gamemode. SageMC started so it could give many people the possibility to build far more then they could every want. Especially players who likes to build themeparks. There is way enough space with an own world. You can work with plugins like Worldedit, Traincarts, WirelessRedstone and much more.

At the moment you join the server, you are ready to go..

Like written earlier, you can use Traincarts but also Traincarts attachments.
With this, you can make builds or themeparks using 3D Models.

You can use worldedit to build way faster then normal, just use an wooden axe.
ArmorstandTools is very useful creating custom armorstands.

You can also use /hdb, so you can decorate your builds with tiny heads.
Do u want others to visit you? You can use warps to set teleportation point to certain locations. Which they can teleport to, even if you are offline.

You need help creating or learning about 3D Models? No problem.

If you even want more perk, check out our webstore.

Server version: 1.19.3

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