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Survival PvP Kingdom Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7.10



This is a brand new Lord of the Rings server, where you can join your favorite kingdom, such as:
The good kingdoms are:
-Durins Folk (Dwarves)
-Woodland Realm (Elves)
-Gondor (Humans)

The evil kingdoms are:
-Mordor (Orcs)
-Dol Guldur (Orcs)
-Rhûn (Humans)

When you join the server, the first thing you need to do is type: "/kd" there, you can choose the kingdom you want to join. Dont decide too fast, because
its not allowed to change between kingdoms. When youve chosen your kingdom, you will teleport to the spawn location. There you can just survival with the rest
of your kingdom, and build great walls to defend your land.
When two kingdoms fight eachother, thats a war. In a war every land can choose a side (You dont have to)
Most wars are between good and evil, but its not necessary. Evil can fight against evil, and good can also fight against good.

You always listen to your king. When you disobey your king, he can kick you out of the kingdom, and you will be alone in the world forever.

Every kingdom has its own special weapons, armour and kings item. Weve added a lot of custom quests to make the gameplay even more interesting.
We use a few mods, to make this all possible. You can easily download the modpack on TechicLauncher, its named:
The mod creates its own custom biomes and terrain which we use on the server. Every land is unique and has its own kind of trees and landscape.

We also got a number of rules which keep the server peaceful and quiet:
-Dont spam in chat
-Dont be a racist
-Listen to the staff at all times

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