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Creative Factions Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.11.2


Basically Factions and Creative Plotworld with voting rewards. A brand new server looking for fun players. Those players can easily become staff if theyre active enough and help the server out. Plugins are on point and work properly. The main thing on the server is Factions, but theres a plotworld too, which is seperated from factions in any way. Theres a portal connecting them both You will get the voting rewards in the voting server. At the moment you have enough time to prepare yourself fort he other factions. The server is at the moment at 25 spots, even though it can say it has 10 spots. Donating is fully optional and if you don’t feel like paying for minecraft that’s fine. It just helps the server out to get bigger. Griefing is allowed and won’t get you a ban or jail since it’s factions. We hope to see you soon on the server.

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