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Game: Garrys Mod


We are the first Running Mandalorian RP Server(Currently). We have so much to show you on our server. We have a mixture of Custom Content including, Custom Map, Custom Addons, and Custom Models. We are in the need of players at the moment, so please join and invite your friends and or families. We are a Semi SeriousRP Server, so we dont mind if you mess around once in a while. We hope you have the best of luck on the Server.

- Romac622
- Red

- Pablo

- Fawlty (Mex)
- Uber
- Storm
- Silent

- Keldeo
- Billy
- Church
- Enders
- Shook(Ryu)
- Lee

Feel Free To Join/Invite Friends or Families:
Do not FailRP
Be Respectful towards all Players & Staff
Do Not RDM (Random Death Match)
Obey Staff & RP Leaders
Do not Spawn Props without Permission
Do not Mic/Chat Spam
No Emotes or Animations
No Ghosting
Do not sit on Player(s) Heads
Do not abuse your weapons, As in grapple hooking players randomly ETC

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