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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.11.2


Hey there.
Me and some of my friends own a minecraft server named : InfernoCraft.
We have plugins like SimpleClans, MyPet, Votifier , and more.
The SimpleClans plugin basicly means you can create a clan, invite your friends, set a clan home and much more.
So dont forget to invite your friends.
With the MyPet plugin you can tame a pet by killing it with a lead, and then train it.
After you tamed him you can choose a skilltree. You can choose skilltrees PvP, Combat, utility and more.
The Votifier plugin means that after you voted, youll get a reward.
Once youve joined the server you can find more information about the plugins.
I hope Ill see you online :D.

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