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Survival PvP Mini Games Skyblock Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8 - 1.11


Welcome to MineCrown.
We are a new Skyblock server that tries to give our players a unique, lag free experience.
Start your adventure by picking one of our many custom islands. Our custom islands have variable difficulty levels (that are shown). There’s a challenge for everyone. From here on you play however you want, grind away and try to reach the top of our leader boards: Highest island level, highest MCMMO power, richest player and even most playtime. We have a well-balanced economy system.
Or just play skyblock, expand your island and show us your build skills. Place a welcome sign on your island to show people your awesome creations or make an enormous shop on your island for other players to visit & use. You can even hire provided shop space in spawn and create your own shop here on our player market.
There’s also a bunch of minigames and other stuff on the server for you to enjoy with your friends such as: PETS, TRAILS, PARKOUR, KING OF THE HILL and PVP.
Creating an awesome community and a comfortable environment for all our players is our #1 priority. Come and check us out to become a member of our great community.

We hope to see you soon.

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