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Survival Legaal Versie 1.7.5


On the Digitalware Network can you do everything. We have 4 severs a Survival, MineTopia, Minigames, Lobby server. On each server can play 20 people, only on the MineTopia server can play 30 people. Thatís a total of 90 players that can play on The Digitalware Network at the same time.

Survival Server
On the survival server can your survival with a little touch. We use a plugin for shops and money so can create your own shop and pay people that give your stuff to sell.
One of the more important servers is the MineTopia server. MineTopia is a own created game mode. This game mode can you exclusive play on The Digitalware Network. Itís your job to survive in the big world of MineTopia. You can find loot in chests, and trade with villagers for better gear. In This game mode can you use a sword but we have also a large assortment of guns, grenades, and other fun stuff. This game mode is still BETA so expect bug, problems and other issues. You can always report problems to the staff. The world is not fished yet so there will regularly be an update of the map, with new cities, house and other cool stuff.
Minigame Server
On The Digitalware Network can you play old school minigames like Spleef, The Walls and a lot more. But we are planning to make own minigames in the future.
Lobby Server
As last we have the lobby server. On the lobby server can you actually nothing more than chose a server.

As you might have guessed is The Digitalware Network an emerging network. We have a lot updates and we use the view of the players in these updates, so that we can create a network that the players like.

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