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Survival PvP Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.12.2


Minecraft survivors made their way from other servers cataclysmic destruction and created High Harbour, a place of refuge, where they live peacefully and in harmony with all.

| Vanilla | Survival | Persistent | Hard | .home | .tpa | doFireTick false | World Border at 101888 | No Griefing | No Raiding | PvE |

| Shared server hardware
| Random teleport up to 4k
| Build over 10k for safety
| maxEntityCramming 24
| Keep Entity count around player under 150
| Respect everyone
| Keep Swearing Low and not directed at others
| No Spam or Advertising
| No Hacking
| English preferred language
| All languages allowed

For detailed info visit:
And join us on Discord:

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