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What is DotzCraft: This is DotzCraft, a competitive minecraft server where u can have lots of fun with friends. We have friendly staff,custom plugins
and even more that u can experience when u join the server. It might look like were an ordinary faction server, but were actually a lot more then that. The owner and the
whole staff team are working on the server everyday too make the experience better for u guys. So maybe ur wondering why were not popular We got quality but quantity
is just not there for us, were trying too reach out too new players, but we need a lot of support from u guys for that. So we would be happy if u could make us a server
review. What do we have to offer

✓ Regular Factions
✓ Costum Time Ranks
✓ Crates
✓ Custom Plugins
✓ Pets
✓ Auction
✓ Vaults
✓ And More

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