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Game: Garrys Mod


Hey guys, Im Nukulargamer one of the two owners of Insecure Network.
I know there are lots of darkrp servers our there. I mean alot
But I accualy put hours into developing this server bigger and better.

Currently we have lots of addons

Car Dealer
Admin pop up
Anti Prop Kill
Arc bank
Bank vaults
Custom Money Printers
Two truck job
Vcmod, ELS
Day night, This includes rain and snow
Rphone (incudes 911 system that works)
These are some of the many addons we have on our server

If the slots fill up and you want to invite your friends we can put the slots to as many as we want.

Everyday we are adding new cars to the car dealer so if you dont see your car it will be added soon.

We have a fair economy so no one can get rich to fast
We have staff that dont abuse if they do they will be demoted very quickly

So come on in.

We are working on ACF, TTT, Deathrun, Prophunt and many other servers

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