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PvP Factions Prison Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8


EvalonPvP Network

Before you start reading. Please Note: We have added a new custom game mode (which you only can find on the EvalonPvP Network). The game mode is called "Followers Of The Gods". We really hope you will join, to see your awesome new server and game mode. Hope to see some of you guys )

reader, have you ever wanted to join a minecraft server that is simply amazing?
Well, you can look no further, for EvalonPvP offers a variety of gamemodes that
are sure to satisfy your minecraftian needs.

We offer revolutionary
servers - from factions to skyblock, we are sure you will enjoy your stay. Our
server has been built from the ground up, listening to the suggestions from the
community to become what it is now – and we are forever growing and releasing
innovative updates.

If you need help, simply
ask our staff. We only accept the best, the most mature, and the most well-fit
for the job. If you’re looking for a staff position, feel free to apply.

If you join our server, we
can guarantee the absolute best experience. If we don’t satisfy you, we are
ALWAYS open for suggestions. Join today, and maybe we could grow – Together.

Our server consist of: Factions, Skyblock, OP Prison and KitPvP

See you on, cheers.

Website: EvalonPvP.Com
Join us now for awesome features :D

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